Tim Agan Joins the Arizona Justice Project

Attorney Tim Agan was appointed August 1st as the Quattrone Strategic Litigation Counsel at the Arizona Justice Project. Tim served as the Deputy Director of the Maricopa County Office of the Legal Advocate since 2003 and has worked in the Maricopa County Indigent Defense system since 1990. He has handled capital cases for over 20 years.

As Quattrone Strategic Litigation Counsel, Tim will allow the Arizona Justice Project (AJP) to help a greater number of individuals by combatting faulty evidence to prevent wrongful convictions before they occur. In this position, Tim will work through the courts and the legal system to better address the leading causes of wrongful conviction, including the inaccuracy of certain unvalidated forensic disciplines and the potential unreliability of eye witness evidence, incentivized informant testimony, and false confessions.

“The criminal justice system is operated by humans and – like any system operated by humans – there is an error rate,” said Lindsay Herf, the AJP’s Executive Director. “The AJP works to identify those errors because behind each error is a human being who is in prison for something she or he did not do. The AJP is truly a last resort for these individuals.”. “I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the AJP and to work to correct cases of wrongful convictions and manifest injustice” said Tim Agan. “The Criminal Justice system tries to get the correct results, but mistakes are made. The work of the AJP is essential, both for the individuals directly impacted and the integrity of our justice system.”

Tim comes to the AJP with years of litigation experience as well as a strong command of forensic science disciplines, along with their flaws and limitations. Tim was a founding member of the Arizona Forensic Science Academy and he sits on the Arizona Forensic Science Advisory Commission. He has been active in Continuing Legal Education having presenting seminars for the National Institute of Justice, the Arizona Supreme Court, the Maricopa County Superior Court, The Arizona State Bar, The Arizona Public Defender’s Association, the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Counsel and various college and community groups.

Since 1998, the Arizona Justice Project has been working to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions in the State of Arizona. The AJP has helped dozens of individuals regain their freedom and return home to their families to rebuild their lives. Each year the AJP receives hundreds of requests for help. The AJP staff responds to each individual, investigates each claim, and represents individuals where evidence of innocence is uncovered or where a manifest injustice has occurred.