Daniela and Sofia

Metropolitan Arts Institute is a private charter High School focused on the arts.  The School’s filmmaking classes produced the top two winners of StudentCam 2016 for the Western region.

Mock-Zubia and her partner in the project, Sophia Taglienti, wrote, shot and edited a documentary titled Rethinking Reform: Prisons in America.  The film explores the issue of overcrowding in the United States prison system.

“I think we wanted to get the message across that this is a crisis that’s happening in the United States—this mass incarceration—and the war on drugs is something that is ruining our country and I think it should be talked about more than it is.” Mock-Zubia said.

Group Photo

“I’d like to keep making documentary films on subjects like prison reform.  I’d like to make something that can enact change.”  Mock-Zubia said.

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Full Story: http://www.12news.com/entertainment/television/programs/evb/phoenix-student-filmmakers-recognized-by-c-span/108690122

Video: http://www.viddler.com/v/c882514e

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