2016 Annual Review

Exonerating the innocent. Correcting cases of manifest injustice. The impact of the Arizona Justice Project’s impact is realized throughout the year in the [...]

ASU students collaborate on solutions for successful inmate re-entry

For juveniles who have been serving a life sentence, release from prison is a welcome but daunting day. “Often they are let go with a packet of information, [...]

Client Eddie Collins is Coming Home

This week, 12 years of trying to navigate a path to freedom for one of our long time clients – Eddie Collins – a beam of light broke through! The Arizona [...]

The Perspective of an Intern at Arizona Justice Project

Arizona Justice Project’s team is comprised of interns, externs, volunteers, staff attorneys, and business staff. Although there are many different roles and [...]

Justice Served?

Crime Trackers: Justice served? Written by Lupita Murillo, Tucson, KVOA.com An Arizona group is fighting to free a man who has been in prison for more than 40 [...]


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