Who Qualifies?

The Arizona Justice Project takes cases of actual innocence or cases in which some clear manifest injustice has occurred in Arizona. To qualify for review by the Arizona Justice Project, you must meet the following criteria:
  1. You are serving time on an Arizona conviction or a federal conviction stemming from an incident in Arizona, and
  2. You have a claim of actual innocence or manifest injustice, and
  3. You are not currently represented by an attorney or entitled to an attorney at public expense.
If you are not sure whether you or a family member or friend qualifies for review, please feel free to contact us.

Application Process:

To request help from the Arizona Justice Project, you must first complete our preliminary questionnaire, which can be found below. The purpose of the preliminary questionnaire is to determine whether any conflict exists. Once we have determined there are no conflicts, we will send a more comprehensive questionnaire that collects important information about your case that will assist in our review. You must also sign the last page of the questionnaire, which authorizes the Arizona Justice Project to speak with the prior attorneys involved in your case. Once a completed questionnaire is received, your case will undergo an initial screening process. If there are issues that we believe require further investigation, your case will be assigned to a lawyer supervisor, who may work with law student volunteers or other volunteers, to determine the merit of legal issues for post-conviction relief, clemency, habeas corpus relief, and decide if the Arizona Justice Project will be able to take your case. Please be aware that due to our limited resources, this review process could take several months, and several years if the case is accepted to proceed through the courts or before the Board of Executive Clemency. We work as quickly as possible to respond to all requests and evaluate cases.

Download the Arizona Justice Project Preliminary Questionnaire: